A mayor need in up to date biomedical research is the creation, maintenance and use of shared pools of data. This can be achieved by Grid services in an eScience platform that is continuously available, where costs can be calculated for the tasks necessary and policies are established to allow a reliable deployment. With Grid services established, data can be stored and processed from anywhere and the geographical location of the groups in your research project is not relevant anymore.

MediGRID will demonstrate the feasibility and usefulness of grid services in medicine and life sciences by applying these services in biomedical research with multidimensional data and by correlating genotypic and phenotypic data. At the same time generic recommendations for the technical and logical infrastructure are compiled and submitted to the D-GRiD integration project.

MediGRID chose a widely accepted community setup and uses existing structures in Germany to enhance, demonstrate and dissipate its know-how with organisations like the Telematics Association for Medical Networks (TMF), the National Genome Research Network (NGFN), the Network for Clinical Trials (KKS) and other organisations in biomedical research. The cooperation with these organisations ensures the link to current telematics projects and patient care.

The MediGRID project has a modular setup: The four methodological modules (middleware, ontology, resource fusion and eScience) plan to incrementally develop and provide a Grid infrastructure while taking into account the need of the biomedical users. The user communities are represented in three research modules for biomedical informatics, image processing and clinical research. The gained experiences are spread to other communities and flow into the further advancement of the project to create synergies and convergence.